Wednesday Addams the “Freak”


Journee Yearout

Wednesday Addams, the school freak, has moved to another school that’s made just for her kind after getting expelled from her last school. Nevermore Academy is a school just for people like Wednesday, located in a town called Jericho. However, even the people in Jericho call the Nevermore kids “freaks,” especially Wednesday Addams. The story takes a turn when shortly after Wednesday arrives, mysterious things start to happen like a monster being on the loose, and it’s up to Wednesday to find out who it is.

Wednesday quickly became number One on Netflix’s top 10 list that attracted 60,000 new followers even before it made its debut. The already popular show has attracted so many young fans. For instance, Desten Yearout, freshman; states, “I already liked the Addams family as it is so this was like Addams family 2.0, and I liked how they expanded the storyline.” It wasn’t just the fact that Desten already liked the Addams family that made her interested, but it was also the fact that “Wednesday found an awesome werewolf best friend and how her new peers really begin to accept who she is.” Wednesday has reached fans all over the world because she shows them that it is okay to be your authentic self and that you shouldn’t let anyone try to change that.

Over the years Wednesday has had so many versions to its character, and she’s been played by many different actresses. When being interviewed, Mrs. Doyle, counselor, had a lot to say about Wednesday: “I’ve always been a fan of the Addams family that’s why I was so stoked when I saw that they implemented Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the early 90’s, into the new show.” Even though Mrs. Doyle loved the original Wednesday, she also loved the new Wednesday played by Jenna Ortega: “I loved the new Wednesday Addams, I thought Jenna Ortega did a fantastic job getting into character.” Wednesday might be the main character of the show, but she is certainly not Mrs. Doyle’s favorite character. She elaborates that “Xavier and Morticia are my favorites, but my all-time favorite character is Morticia, I love Morticia.”

Many viewers thought that Wednesday was an extremely good show. it also has had over 330 million hours of streaming from fans worldwide. Jenna Ortega impressed everyone with her note-worthy acting and by performing her own stunts since she is a former Disney star. The new version of Wednesday is like no other!
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