Avatar: The Way of Water – 14 Years in the Making


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James Cameron has done it again at the box office, stunning millions with an Avatar sequel after 14 long years. Not only did he amaze viewers with the new 3 hour and 14-minute journey back to Pandora, but he confirmed the news that 2 or 3 other movies are going to be released, drawing fans back into Pandora all over again.

Cameron has been planning and putting together new ideas for upcoming Avatar movies since 2012 and put a writer’s room together to help him in 2013. He explained that he just had to come up with more stories and ideas than he had thought he would have. He had explained to the New York Times that the next four movies, after the first one, took over 4 years to make. All the detail following the new films took another five years, including the new areas and biomes that are going to be introduced in Pandora, as well as the new kind of Na’vi tribes.

The second movie was long overdue after the first movie set up a sequel in 2009. The first film finishes with the main character, Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington in both movies), who had fallen in love with Pandora and with a gorgeous Na’vi warrior, Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldaña in both movies). Jake Sully had not always been a part of or accepted by the Na’vi family, considering he was born a human and could only temporarily be in the body of a Na’vi, but at the end of the first movie, he had been accepted by the all-seeing Eywa and transferred permanently into his avatar.

Many actors are returning just to be a part in this miraculous film in any way. including Sigourney Weaver who played a human character that died in the first film and is playing a younger Na’vi tribe member in the second film. Her avatar had passed away after not being accepted by Eywa, but her body mysteriously became pregnant, hence where Kiri, her new character, comes from. Besides the new tribe being introduced, other new elements of the sequel include introducing Jake Sully’s family 14-15 years later and showing viewers new parts of Pandora.

Abigail Esparza, a freshman at Coronado High School who has seen the movie, explained, “Jake Sully is still the main character in the second movie, and the ocean scenes are just actually miraculous-the animation is on point. I think he waited so long to perfect it! It was so worth it. I hope I get to see the end [of the series] in my lifetime. The first one was good for building up the backstory, and it was nice because you get to see an introduction on the world. There is still so much I want to know. I would watch it 3 more times and in 3D if I could.”

Charles Lavander, senior, said, “Just the intricacies of the world, it just seems like a cool concept like the way that people have adapted, it looked good, but I really hope they don’t wait another 14 years to release the third one. I was a fan of the first one, it’s a good movie. I honestly didn’t think they were coming up with a second one. I was skeptical, but I was excited. Yay it came out great, ridiculous cost though. I would watch it again, 10/10.”

Every second of the 3-hour sequel was enjoyable. It is overall a great movie, it was definitely worth the wait, and it 100% deserves a watch.

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