January Art Showcase Gallery

Spencer Stepp, Editor-in-Chief

Walking the hallways, you’ve probably seen some of the art that’s been on display in the tech. building display cases. Sometimes it’s difficult to appreciate just how much work goes into the production of these incredible pieces. The next time you have the chance, take a minute and really observe the incredible works of craftsmanship we have hanging in the halls. These vary from sculptures, to hyper-realistic pen drawings, to award winning pottery and paintings. The attached gallery is but a small snippet of the range of work that’s on display, so be sure to check it out the next time you’re passing through!

Devon Bignell was awarded 1st place for his Japanese teacups: Life from the Ashes
Front facing view of Life from the Ashes by Devon Bignell.
Taeyon Mesa received 1st place for her Korean inspired painting: Mountain Water Cloud.
Aron Benitez’s pen drawing is on display in The Tech Building display case across from room 407.