Coronado Breaks Ground for New Track and Field


Jacob Pivonka, Head of Sports Department

Last year, the Coronado athletic program made an announcement heard throughout the entire school. A new track and field would be constructed here at Coronado. The current dirt track will now be replaced with an all-weather track, and the current grass field will be replaced with a modern style turf field.

The first phase of the project involves replacing the field, track, stands, and scoreboard. When asked about the new track and field, Mr. Smith said, “[The field] will be set up for varsity soccer and then lower level everything, but it won’t quite be ready for varsity football [next year].” The second phase will include replacing the concession stand, adding even more bleachers for seating, and potentially adding locker rooms.

Different rumors about the new field have been circling around the school for close to a year now, like, “The field is going to be red” and “The field will be done by this summer.” Mr. Smith was able to clarify some of these rumors saying, “No [it won’t be red]. It’s green. The endzones and sidelines will have some color but no red.” Regarding when it will be done, Mr. Smith gave the window of September to October, but as we all know, construction dates are flexible.

Coronado Athletic Director, Mr. Porter, was also asked about the new track and field, and he gave a different kind of answer: “I’m very excited. I think it will bring our community close… it will be great to have our westside area see where we’re at and have a nice facility for all our kids to play and practice on.”

The field at Coronado has served as a practice field for the majority of the Coronado sports teams over the years, but no varsity level game has taken place on the field in over 5 years. In the fall of next year, the opening of the new track and field won’t just be a great new asset to the school and its students, but where Coronado history will take place for years to come.