Congratulations to Jessie Weeks, YPAE First Place Winner!


“Portrait with Cropped Hair”

Alexandra Micci, Staff Writer

Here at Coronado High School, our art programs and classes are strong. Many Students such as Jessie Weeks, were put into the YPAE (Young Peoples Art Exhibition) for the hard work they put into their art. This is an art show for students K-12 in the Pikes Peak Region. According to Mrs. Foos, a judge for the exhibition/art teacher, “It is a big regional show, each teacher in our region will submit 8 pieces of the best work [from their classes.] Then the show is uploaded online, while 3 jurors in each division look at the work and score it.” Out of Coronado’s classes and other schools, Jessie Weeks was a first-place winner, with her piece called “Self Portrait with Cropped Hair.”

Jessie Weeks says that she is “probably most proud of the hair.” She adds that “there was no inspiration, [at first] I was just told to do the work, [then] I [started] to have a little vision in my head.” Jessie Weeks is only a Freshman at Coronado High School, but she is already really talented in the art industry.

“Self Portrait with Cropped Hair” was a well-deserved first-place winner. Mrs. Foos, one of the art teachers here at Coronado High School says, “Jessie is quiet and a fun student. She is [always] dedicated to her art” This is a black and white full-body portrait. It is very floral, with cool striped clothing and fun hair and it shows who Jessie is. Each Winner, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place winners will each get a ribbon, with a certificate to congratulate hard work. To help support the amazing artwork shown in the exhibition, the first opening for middle school and high school starts on May 5th, from 5-8 p.m. At ZoneFIVE.