Mr. Nottingham

Alexandra Micci

Mr. Nottingham, with his fun yet facetiously grouchy personality, has been working at Coronado High School for 13 years making math class more fun; he has been teaching for 29 years total.

During his years at Coronado, Mr. Nottingham’s biggest influencers were the sports and math departments. He was especially thankful for “Mr. Golumbus, a math teacher over at Wasson High School, [was the one] who hired me as a math teacher. He was very influential in my life [and career].”

Mr. Nottingham has done it all, from teaching Algebra to coaching track and field, as well as coaching football, cross country, and Integrated Math. He says one of his greatest memories was the State Championship year for track and field and football (2013). He added that “All the times we had track it was a good time, but coaching and teaching in general… being around all the students, athletes, coaches and teachers after winning championships was very exiting”

Next year, Mr. Nottingham’s plan will be to work on his brothers-in-law’s farm where they grow corn, wheat and milo, with around 20,000 acres near Baca County. He’s essentially leaving work, for more work. What a Mr. Nottingham thing to do!

We wish Mr. Nottingham a fun time working his new job at the farm. Good luck not having a summer break for the first time in 29 years!