Mr. Page

Early morning plowing on snow days, raking in the fall, or generally just running around campus and taking care of our facilities, Mr. Bob Page has done it all taking care of our campus for the past 14 years at Coronado (15 in education total), most recently serving as the Coronado building manager.

Mr. Page mentioned that he enjoyed the people he got work with at Coronado, and especially enjoyed the “special projects that we have done of the years [like] helping student council” with many of the projects throughout the school year, like “setting up dances, helping with bonfires, helping with senior picnics, [and] helping with AP testing set-up.”

One of Mr. Page’s best memories of our west-side community came from one of our most troubling times, right after the Waldo Canyon fires: “I will always remember the time that church on the Ranch was here after the…fire, and how we all came together to help the many people…affected by the fire.”

As Mr. Page departs after many years of service, he hopes that the remaining staff keep in mind that “you can do anything that you put your mind to. And that if you help people along the way, you see more benefit in all that you do.”

We hope that Mr. Page enjoys a quiet retirement where the only snow he’ll plow is his own driveway!