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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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The Student News Site of Coronado High School

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C#rsing up a St#rm: Can Any Word be a Bad Word?

Mavey Tellup
AI Generated picture of woman cursing at man

How would you define a curse word? I believe a curse word can be a derogatory word or a word said with a certain tone that is meant to offend others.

Anyone can come up with a definition for curse words, but defines a curse word as, “a profane or obscene word, especially as used in anger or for emphasis” and “any term conceived of as offensive.” Cursing is an easy definition, and curse words can be easily made, The Ashland Chronicle says, “Frequently, curse words originated from the combination of two or more taboo words pushed together in a way that obscured the literal meaning, creating a new slang term in the process.”

Well with the definition and explanation of how to make them, lets define a simple background of the famous F-word. The Ashland Chronicle says, “the common myth that today’s F-word derived from an acronym, either “fornication under consent of the king” or “for unlawful carnal knowledge,” is untrue. Instead, the expletive may come from the Middle Dutch “fokken,” Norwegian “fukka,” or Swedish “focka,” all of which mean several things, including “to copulate.” Almost all curse words have unusual backgrounds, but this one was a brief example.

One group of people known for cursing is teens, Willow Rivera, Class of 2026, comments, “A bad word is crap, yes, I believe any word can be a cuss word. Imagine someone walking up and said, “shut up you look like a locker-box.” I believe cursing is when people use certain words with intentions to hurt and stir up feelings. Bad words are used towards me and others that I know they can be used in a really inconsiderate way or they can be used for jokes, expressions etc.” As people and teenagers, we all have very different views on curse words.

Any word is a curse word to certain teens, but that can’t say that for all students Viviana Ramos, Class of 2027, says, “Cuss words are a word that is used to hurt/offend someone. Not everything can be a curse word, things can be said in a certain way with certain context but not everything can be a bad word. No one curses towards me in a hateful way, but people do curse in a funny manner with me.” Some cuss words are to offend, but not everything is bad. Cursing isn’t always needed, and it’s important that we all be mindful of our words, regardless of their connotation.

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About the Contributor
Mavey Tellup, Writer

Mavey is a freshman at Coronado High School; She enjoys skateboarding, writing, volleyball and gaming. She is interested in joining the law and military.

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