Boettcher Scholarship

Melissa Baumgartner, Staff Writer

The Boettcher Scholarship is non-profit full-ride opportunity for all Colorado high-school seniors. Only 42 students receive the scholarship every year, and Coronado High School has even had a few winners. The purpose of the scholarship is to keep students in Colorado to go to school here instead of another state. In pays for any college in the state for four years including the cost of textbooks. 2,800$ will also be provided for room and board per year. The winners of the scholarship are invited to a special holiday dinner where they recognize the teacher who has had the most impact on their education. The teacher will receive 1,000$ grant to use on an education program for the students in their school.

To qualify, you must be responsible, exceptionally educationally gifted, involved in giving back to the community and have an outstanding behavioral records. The requirements for the scholarship include being a Colorado resident for your junior and senior years of high school and a legal resident of the United States. If this seems like path for you and you are interested in applying, ask your counselor if you are qualified. Applications must be turned in by 11:59 on November 1 of your senior year. A few tips given by Mrs. Beatty, a Coronado staff member and previous winner, are don’t slack off your senior year and take a full schedule of classes, not just 5. Also, give back and get involved with your school to demonstrate your dedication.