Mrs. Pachter: A Student Favorite


Melissa Baumgartner and Nick Vernacchio

Mrs. Pachter is a science teacher at Coronado High School and has been teaching for seven years. She loves to make jokes that keep everyone interested in her entertaining lesson plans.
“I wanted to help others find a love of science,” she said with a smile, after being asked why she chose to be a science teacher.
When asked what the most rewarding thing about teaching is, she responded with, “Seeing students mature over the school year.”
She laughed after being requested to share her most memorable student, saying, “One that refused to turn in any of his assignments but managed to pass my class because he aced my final.”
Mrs. Pachter gladly answered what her students have taught her by responding with, “Not to take things personally.”
Her advice to all students is that, “all assignments have a purpose to them. Just do your work and have determination.”
Mrs. Pachter is a student favorite and will continue to light up the building with her positive attitude and un-wavering smile.pacheter small