Project For Awesome 2015

Online Creators Decreasing World Suck


Bekah Redinger, Staff Writer

Best selling author John Green and his brother Hank Green annually hold a charity fundraiser called the Project for Awesome. The point of the fundraiser is to post videos on YouTube that advertise charities. Hank Green explained the fundraiser in 2007 by saying, “… it is a Project for Awesome because every person who is making a video in the Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome is promoting a charity of their choice that they believe reduces the amount of suck in the world.”

Creators advertise their favorite non-profits and then voters online can like the video on YouTube or vote for the video on the Project for Awesome Website.

Founded in 2007, the Project for Awesome has raised a total of over $1,315,700 since 2012 alone. Donations have gone to organizations such as, To Write Love on Her Arms and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Some organizations that have been donated to more commonly are Save the Children, This Star Won’t Go Out, and The Harry Potter Alliance.


The fundraiser is not only videos and voting; there are also many incentives and prizes for people who give money. Commonly, the prizes are items from other YouTubers. In the past, items such as photographs of popular YouTubers have been auctioned off, as well as some personal items. A livestream that happens during the fundraiser switches between the brothers, encouraging people watching to donate and vote, as well as messing around and being randomly crazy.

During December 11 and 12, thousands of people participate by posting videos and voting. Money is raised and donated, and “world suck” is decreased.