Mid-season Hockey Update

Bekah Redinger, Staff Writer

The hockey season is nearly halfway done, and so far the season is going extremely well. The hockey team is 3-5 and has won three games so far, more than they won in last year’s season altogether, when they won two games, one of them a forefit. The team and the school are excited for this progress, and eager to see where the rest of the season takes the Cougars.

Team members have the power to  define and change the entire season. One important player has been Tanner Pochipinski, 9. “He’s been a huge player for us, [he has] gotten a lot of goals.” said team captain Patrick Tabrum, 12. “Everyone’s been contributing to the team,” added Pochipinski.

Based on previous years, the Cougars this year were not expected to win as much as they have already, but all of their wins have been taken in stride and are being built on. “It’s going well, we started off strong and we are kind of dying down right now so we need to get back into the swing of things.” said Tabrum.

Many of the team members are in agreement that one of their most important games was the game against Liberty, which was a big win and a great way to show what the hockey team is really made of.  “We beat Liberty, and that was a big deal. We weren’t expecting to beat them.” said Beau Foos, 11, on the topic. Liberty has had an even better start to the season than Coronado; winning against them was a great accomplishment.

With ten games left in the season, the hockey team is hoping to win more games, and to continue improving through the end of the season in February. Their next games are against Palmer on Jan. 13 and 16, at Sertich Arena and the World Arena respectively. Other games include  Mountain Vista on Jan. 20 at Sertich Arena, and Doherty on Jan. 23 at the World Arena.