Anthony Phillips’ Archery Competition

Coronado Student goes to World Archery Competition

Bekah Redinger, Staff Writer

Sports competitions are renowned as the ultimate way to prove talents of athleticism. Games of all varieties are commonly attended, including archery. Many people are gathering in Las Vegas to compete in archery on the weekend of Jan. 29. One of these is Coronado’s own Anthony Phillips,12.


Over 3,000 people are competing in the tournament, called the Vegas Shoot, over the weekend, and many more are coming to watch the archers. The Vegas Shoot is a prestigious contest of skill in archery, that attracts aspiring and accomplished archers alike. Olympic athletes have been known to compete in the Vegas Shoot, as well as amateur archers from around the world. For the high school contenders, scholarships of up to $50,000 are offered. All archers with a score of 900 or more receive scholarships of $2,000.

Anthony Phillips is participating in this tournament and is excited to do so. “I’m hoping to get in the top twenty, maybe,” he said on his prospects. Hopefully, Anthony will be one of the highest scoring competitors in the high school division, and win a scholarship of some kind. He could return to school on Monday an archery champion.