Primary Presidential Elections 2016

Primary Presidential Elections 2016


Melissa Baumgartner, Staff Writer

The presidential campaigns are growing tense and the competition is getting hotter as it nears the Primary Presidential elections. In Colorado, the caucus will take place on March 1, 2016. Voters will be deciding who they want to run for the Republican candidate, Democratic candidate and third-party candidates.

The candidates for the Democratic Party include first runner-up from the 2008 primaries Hillary Clinton followed by Bernie Sanders. Clinton is in lead with 53%, while Sanders has 36%, according to the 2016 National Primary Polls on On the Republican side, Donald Trump is in the lead with 34% while Ted Cruz is in second with 18%.

The caucuses and primaries for each state occur on different dates, starting with Iowa on February 1, and ending with the District of Columbia on June 4. People of all parties will make a choice on who should represent them as a nominee in the 2017 Presidential Election.

“I think Clinton shouldn’t be our president. I think between Trump and Clinton, I would go with Trump.” said Ian Garner, 9.

On the contrary, Coronado lunch lady Stacey Marin said “Donald Trump is too extreme, and Hillary Clinton is for woman getting equal pay. I’m a woman and I work, and it’s not right that we get paid less even now in 2016. That’s why I would vote for Hillary over Trump.”

The two most popular candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, have strong diverse opinions on some of the major issues in the country. For example, on whether or not abortion should be a woman’s unrestricted right; Clinton strongly agrees, while Trump does not.

Registered voters are working very hard to evaluate each candidate, and the most popular candidates will go on to compete for a seat in the White House.