Star Quarterback Retires from NFL

Peyton Manning announces retirement

Star Quarterback Retires from NFL

Bekah Redinger, Staff Writer

Star quarterback Peyton Manning recently announced his retirement from the NFL. After an 18 year career, in which he was league MVP five times, he said, “I’ve finished my football race and it’s time.” After winning the SuperBowl in February of 2016, Manning notified the public of his resignation.


Manning thanked many people from his team, as well as friends and family in his resignation speech, including Tom Brady, Gary Kubiak and John Elway. The latter made an emotional speech proceeding Manning’s speech, praising Manning for “revolutionizing the game.” Peyton Manning changed the tactics of The Broncos by convincing the team to slow down and be more rational with their offensive tactics. This proved helpful for the Broncos during the SuperBowl.

Fans are devastated at the los of the great Quarterback, and nervous to see who he will be replaced with. No one has been announced yet to replace Manning although many have been discussed.

“I don’t really know who the replacement will be, but it can’t be as good,” said Lyndon Loflin,  11.

People are concerned about the future of the team, as well as the prospects for future seasons. “It’s going to be a big loss for the team,” added Loflin.

Even young fans, such as the boy in this video are sad about Peyton Manning’s retirement.