Future Problem Solvers

Melissa Baumgartner, Staff Writer

The Future Problem Solvers club recently competed at the state competition held at Coronado. The senior team took 1st place both in problem packet and skit preforming, qualifying for internationals, this team included Hannah Levy (12), Stacey Hayes (12) and Jackie Dunn (11).

Gabby Stenholm, (9), shares her experiences as a member on FPS,

“The team itself is usually given a problem which could be relevant in the future. The other team presents and evolves a scenario that could be a future problem. My experience at state was kind of hard pressure because you have to come up with a good problem and solution two hours, but it’s really exciting because you get to bond with your team. The key people at the time I would say is the people who write the underline problems and solutions to a furtive problem. Next year, we want people who have really good thinking skills who can work with something their given in a short period of time and people who can cooperate in a team.”

The individual teams involved with the FPS included:

senior team 2nd place – packet and skit: Gabrielle Stenholm, Katherine Stewart, Brian Smith – Palmer student

Scenario Writing Senior division- Gabrielle Stenholm – automatically qualified to attend internationals, Summer Wilson – Palmer student – may qualify based on top 10 international results, Josh Sun – may qualify based on top 10 international results

Senior team 1st place – both problem solving packet and skit performance – topic:  Global Workplace of the Future – qualified for internationals, Hannah Levy, Stacy Hayes, Jackie Dunn

Middle level team 1st place – both packet and skit – qualified for internationals Diana Del Valle, Connie Sun, and Scenario Writing Middle division. Connie Sun – automatically qualified to attend internationals

Their next goal is to attend the international competition in Michigan at Michigan State on June 2nd-5th. Good luck and props to those intelligent cougars on the Future Problem Solvers team.