Coronado Football: The Homecoming Game


Cougars Charging into the Homecoming Game

Shea Ward, Staff Writer


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Last Friday night, September 23rd, the Coronado Football team played Pueblo South in one of the biggest school events held every year: The Homecoming Game. The Cougars fought hard all the way to the last second, but the game ended with a score of 49-28 and another loss for Coronado. Even though the night had an unfortunate ending, the atmosphere remained hopeful the entire time. The student section was incredibly enthusiastic and cheered the team on through the whole game. Everyone, including the head coach, Coach Wetta was eager for the game.

“So far this year, these kids have been working hard and very proud of all the effort that I see being put in. We’re excited, and confident to go into this game and we’re hoping to come out with another win. This is homecoming, and we won last game and we’re just wanting to keep that momentum going,” said Wetta.

The Cougars didn’t win the game, but they gained amazing stats. Toby Smith, 11, had 317 passing yards, Deegan Foster, 10, had 73 rushing yards and 1 touchdown, Jordan Evans, 11 , had 53 rushing yards and 1 touchdown, and Raiden Mares, 12, had 5 receptions, 156 receiving yards and 1 touchdown, and Justin Dwinell, 11, had 10 receptions, 100 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown. One of the game’s biggest highlights was when Toby Smith threw the ball over 30 yards to Raiden Mares, he ran it down the rest of the field and held it in the air as he charged into the end-zone.

“Well I ran it maybe, 40 yards, and but something that needs to be recognized is that it wasn’t just me out there playing. It was the quarterback, and our offensive line blocking as well. Scoring that touchdown still felt pretty amazing though. About the game as a whole, I feel like even though we did lose we were still really physical, and we didn’t give up, we pushed through until the end,” said Mares.

Deegan Foster ran a touchdown in as well, helping the team pull themselves back up from a rough first quarter.
“I wasn’t really expecting to score, so I was a little shocked when I ran it in. That was the first time I had scored on varsity this year, so it was a really cool moment. We were losing so at the time, I didn’t feel too proud of it but I know that it did contribute to the game. I think the reason we lost is because we couldn’t completely recover from our
1st quarter, but overall we played really hard and we made some progress,” said Foster.

The student section went crazy after Mares’s touchdown, and shouted the notorious “Who’s in the house? C-C’s in the house!” cheer, and they kept the same school spirit through all of the game.

“The crowd was really energetic and we were definitely loud. We had a really great turnout for the game, there was a lot of school pride and the atmosphere was fantastic. I don’t think anyone was upset about the end of the game, we were all just happy to go support our team,” said Kassidy Dye, 10.

At halftime the cheer team put on a routine, and the Homecoming King and Queen were crowned. This year’s homecoming royalty were seniors Marley Thomas and Tyler Micci.

“It feels really cool to know that Marley and I won, I was nervous standing on the field waiting to hear the winner. I was walking down the carpet and I didn’t know if we got as loud of a cheer as everyone else, and then when we won it was just and exciting moment,” said Micci.

The homecoming game had an amazing turnout, and even though the team didn’t win, it was a great night for Coronado.