Cougar Baseball Prevails over Vista and Demolishes Widefield


The Varsity baseball team eagerly watches their team play.

Taylor Dutton, Staff Writer

Right now, our Cougs are on a two game winning-streak! Their first game against Vista Ridge was cut short in the 7th inning and rescheduled due to low visibility in the dark.  However, because the inning was nearly over and we were winning, officials called off the rescheduled inning and confirmed the 3-2 win!

Fun fact, Coronado Alumni, Zach Gerber, is the head coach of Vista Ridge!

In a second game against Widefield, our team vanquished their opponents with a final score of 27-9. According to senior Alex Bumpus, “It was a great team effort, the defense rallied behind Issiah [Sisneros, 11] and our offense never let up”. Joey Callan, 12, also spoke about this significant win claiming, “the game went really well and just as planned.”

Bumpus also expressed his excitement for the rest of the season and his hope to “hold on to this momentum” which will make our team “hard to beat”.

“As a team we will become more confident in our abilities, hopefully improving ourselves and enabling us to beat those bigger and better teams” Callan exclaims in regards to the rest of the season as a whole.                                                                                                                                                        Make sure to congratulate your baseball team on two amazing wins and wish them good luck for the rest of the season!