An Informed Cougar’s Guide to Student Council Elections


Coronado’s 2016-2017 Student Cabinet, featuring Katrice White, 12, Tegan Gough, 12, Conor Strizich, 11, Joey Callan, 12, Aly Archidale, 12, Lauren Hugill, 12, Jillian Shea, 11, Timber Alley, 12, Clara Thompson, 11, Holly McKibbon, 12, Phillip Cyprian, 12, Beau Thompson, 10, and Ben Velasquez, 10.

As indicated by a courtyard filled with chalk drawings and hallways plastered with neon signs, it’s time to vote for Coronado’s 2016-2017 Student Council. This year, instead voting for a candidate because they loaned you a pencil in Calc that one time, vote to propel Coronado in a better direction. Use this guide as means to be a better informed voter.


Dillon Marlow

  • Involved In: Rugby, track and field, football, Student Council, National Honor Society
  • Leadership Experience: High Trails camp counselor, takes care of siblings
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: If elected, Marlow intends to hold more assemblies, foster
    better communication for Coronado events, improve parking, improve school fundraising, promote a more involved student body, and to increase unity between Coronado clubs.

Clara Thompson

  • Involved In: Student Council, LINK crew, International Awareness Club, Christians Ready,
    Equipped, and Willing (CREW), tennis, cross country, swim and dive
  • Leadership Experience: Junior Representative, LINK leader, leadership conference attendee
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: If elected Student Body President, Thompson aims to improve
    school spirit and student involvement, restore Coronado’s pep rallies,and ensure that students and their needs are heard by student council and that students have input in Student Council’s decisions.

Vice President

Piper Collins

  • Involved In: LINK crew, NHS, Student Council, cheer, Tasty Freeze crew member
  • Leadership Experience: Cheer Community Service Officer, sports morale, involved in
    Coronado Drive Smart
  • Big Ideas: If elected, Collins wants to improve Coronado’s Drive Smart Campaign, have
    more Coronado spirit weeks and dances, and help Coronado to be a place people want to be.

Alex Johnson

  • Involved In: Drama, men’s swim, band, NHS, youth ministry
  • Leadership Experience: PPLD Teen Advisory Council, church youth ministry
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: If elected, Johnson wants to work to improve student
    morale, cultivate greater student understanding of Coronado, and save the Coronado homecoming parade.

Social Morale

Morgan Darnall

  • Involved In: Volleyball, NHS
  • Leadership Experience: Babysitter, tutor, volunteer-coached volleyball development
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: If elected Social Morale Officer, Darnall would works
    towards a winter formal, a class v. class spirit competition, improved school spirit, and improved sports attendance.

Hailey Sedatole

  • Involved In: Track and field, swim and dive, Student Council, NHS
  • Leadership Experience: Community involvement
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: If elected Social Morale Officer, Sedatole intends to
    preserve assemblies and the Coronado homecoming bonfire, plan a Back to School Color Bash, create t-shirts for class colors, and hold pep rallies for rival sporting events.


Josh Trujillo

  • Involved In: Student Council
  • Leadership Experience: Sophomore Representative, cabinet member
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado:If elected Student Council Chair, Trujillo plans to focus
    on ensuring campus cleanliness through student council cleaning efforts.

Isaac Zaehler

  • Involved In: CREW, yearbook, LINK crew, youth group student leader, Chipotle crew member
  • Leadership Experience: CREW leader, former quarterback, student leader at his church
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: If elected chair, Zaehler wants to work to make Coronado
    more inclusive for underclassmen, to better advertise events and activities in order to “break the cliques at Coronado”, and to make the Coronado dodge-ball tournament less exclusive.

Records and Relations

Madi Eurich ( uncontested)

  • Involved In: LINK crew, basketball, Cougars Care, CYAC
  • Leadership Experience: LINK leader, Hoby Youth Leadership, Student Council member since
    elementary school
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: As Records and Relations Officer, Eurich wants to focus
    on improving Coronado school spirit as well as making Coronado a better connected and happier place.


Jillian Shea (uncontested)

  • Involved In: Cheer, Young Life, LINK crew, Student Council
  • Leadership Experience: Young Life, Junior Representative, Cheer Officer
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: As Student Council Treasurer, Shea intends to ensure
    Student Council’s funds and donations are managed correctly and effectively, and that Student Council can afford Coronado’s homecoming parade.


Judah Voss (uncontested)

  • Involved In: Ultimate frisbee, Student Council, track and field, NHS
  • Leadership Experience: Head coach at sports camp for 7-12 year olds in Mexico
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: As Communications Officer, Voss intends to do what can
    to make Coronado’s overall environment a happier one, whether it be by playing fun music or by making morning announcements more exciting.


Lindsey Bergen (uncontested)

  • Involved In: Soccer, LINK crew, NHS, Chief Youth Advisory Council (CYAC)
  • Leadership Experience: LINK leader, student council member since freshman year
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: As Publicity Officer, Bergen plans to utilize Twitter
    as means of spreading information about Coronado events, to use posters to spread information about upcoming events, and to better spread information about groups such as orchestra, choir, and band that Coronado students are less aware of.

Junior Representative

Anna Landolfi (uncontested)

  • Involved In: Volleyball, track and field, NHS, show choir, LINK crew
  • Leadership Experience: Camp counselor, NHS
  • Ideas for Improving Coronado: As Junior Representative, Landolfi wants to improve Coronado’s
    school spirit and student morale.

Sophomore Representative

Tyler Evans

  • Involved In: Basketball, football
  • Leadership Experience: Football team captain
  • Ideas for Improving: If elected Sophomore Representative, Evans intends to work towards
    improving Coronado’s sports programs, increasing Coronado’s after-school events, and making Coronado assemblies more fun.

Abby Gerber

  • Involved In: Student Council
  • Leadership Experience: WEB leader, Volunteer at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (since 5th grade), Junior Zoo Crew applicant
  • Big Ideas: If elected Sophomore Representative, Gerber wants to work to improve student involvement, sports attendance, spirit day participation, and overall school spirit at Coronado.