Dutch Bros and Starbucks Getting Stale? Try These Coffee Shops

Find your new favorite coffee shop!


Joseph Wilkinson

We hope you find your new favorite cup of coffee at one of these shops!

Maya Glaser, Staff Writer

All of you probably know about Dutch Bros Coffee and Starbucks, but sometimes going to the same coffee place all the time gets stale.This past week a few of my friends and I visited multiple local coffee shops around the city to find the best alternative to Dutch Bros and Starbucks. Here are our top 4 choices: 

4) The Principal’s Office

Located in the Ivywild School, The Principal’s Office offers a variety of drinks and foods such as lemonades, typical coffee shop drinks, as well as many unique coffee based drinks. Among my three friends and I we ordered lavender lemonade, hot chocolate, and an iced mocha. All three were great, but they were not overall the best we’ve ever had. The lavender lemonade was our least favorite, as it was definitely on the sour side.

Environment: 9/10

Drinks: 7/10

3) Kairo’s

Kairos is the closest of all of these shops to Coronado, and can be found off of Garden of Gods behind the Taco Bueno. Kairos is probably the cutest coffee shop I visited. It is located in the lower story of an older 2-story building, and includes loads of cozy furniture and a warm fireplace. The old parlor in the building serves as the counter where customers can order many different coffees and teas, along with several food options such as bagels. However, Kairos is closed on Mondays and closes at 5 on other days, making it the most inconvenient of the shops.

Environment: 8/10

Drinks: 8/10

2) Urban Steam

This place is fantastic! I’ve heard about Urban Steam for months, but only just visited last week. Urban is located south of downtown a little off of Nevada. They offer a variety of foods ranging from burgers to side dishes to unique desserts. Between my friend and I, we ordered a vanilla latte, a latte cubano, and a Greek frappe. All were amazing and unique, especially the latter two which are part of an “Around the World” coffee menu. The staff is very funny and the shop is super cool. Tables are inside and outside, connected by a glass garage door that is opened during the warm weather.

Environment: 9/10

Drinks: 9/10

1) Loyal Coffee

Loyal Coffee is by far my favorite place in Colorado Springs. Loyal is located downtown off of Nevada, and is probably the cutest place I’ve ever been to. The shop has several tables, adorable little booths to do homework at, and a garage door that opens when the weather is nice. The staff is very friendly and personable. Several staff members have made sure to learn my friends and I’s names and they always say hello when we come in. In addition, the coffee is amazing, and their food options are fantastic! My friends and I have discovered that the pear ricotta toast, the blackberry and pear jam toast, the glazed donuts, and the tiramasu are the best things on the menu.

Environment: 10/10

Drinks: 10/10


In addition to my top four choices, Taylor Dutton and I came up with a few honorable mentions:

-Pike’s Perk

-Peak Place Coffee



I hope you get a chance to visit each of these coffee shops sometime if you haven’t already! Trying fun, new coffee shops can be a good change in your normal coffee routine. I hope you all enjoy the cups of coffee these shops have to offer as much as me and my friends do!