First Round of French Presidential Election


The two candidates for the office of president in France. On the left Emmanuel Macron and on the right Marine Le Pen.

Hamish Shepherd, Writer

The French Presidential election system consists of two rounds, the first round narrowing the field of candidates down two, and, if no candidate received an overwhelming majority, the second round deciding (the president from the two remaining candidates). On 4/24, France held the first round of their Presidential elections to determine which two candidates would be on the ballot for the final election on 5/7.  Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are the two candidates now up for the office of president. Both of these candidates are from third parties. Le Pen is the leader of the National Front Party and Macron is the leader of the En Marche.

As the date of the second round of elections draws closer, the leaders of the Socialist Party and The Republicans Party have told their supporters to support Marcon,as their candidates did not make it past first round. They have given Macron their support since they see Le Pen as the  political option that is furthest from both parties.  

Le Pen represents the National Front Party, a populists party that seeks reform in both domestic and foreign policies in France. These changes include leaving the European Union,  abandoning the euro as their currency, immigration regulation reform, increased funding for the justice system, and stimulation of local and small business.
Macron is the the leader of the En Marche Party and his main platform is pro-business and free market. He is a former Minister of  Economy and banker. His views contrast Le Pen’s on many issues. The largest difference is the Macron is pro EU and remaining in the EU.  If he wins the election he would be the youngest leader in the history of France.

France has reached a crossroad in its political history, as both of the presidential candidates are from third parties. The candidate the is elected will also affect the direction in which France takes in both domestic and foreign policy.