Coronado Says Goodbye to Longtime English Friend


Isaac Ross, Co-Editor In Chief

2017 will be the last of Mrs. Rosemary Taylor’s years teaching at Coronado. Her final year will be her twelfth, after moving from Mitchell in 2005. Mrs. Taylor has taught the AP Language and Composition class since 2006, which she was “pushed to try it”, and despite expecting to dislike teaching AP because of the workload, she has “loved it” and enjoyed “spending the past 11 years” teaching AP students.


Mrs. Taylor professes that she loves ‘how Coronado is not confrontational between students and teachers,” and believes the more communal culture at Coronado contributes to the more positive attitude here, which Mrs. Taylor thinks “people do not realize” is significantly better than other schools she has taught at.


Retrospectively, Mrs. Taylor remembers “all the ah-ha moments” as her favorite, enjoying when students take a turn and “finally get” a concept which had been difficult to grasp. Beyond being remembered fondly by students and staff, she hopes “for a legacy with each individual student” adding with a smile that she hopes they will remember her and never again use “is, was, were and are in their writing.”


She does not have any specific retirement plans, other than “modeling a friend and not doing anything for six months, and reading some terrible books.”
Clearly, she deserves the time off, so be sure to express your congratulations and happy thoughts to Mrs. Taylor before the end of the year!