Longtime Coach, Teacher and Friend Ends His Career at Coronado


Isaac Ross, Co-Editor In Chief

Mr. Doug Hugill has taught at Coronado for 18 years, more than half of his 34-year teaching career. For the entirety of his time at Coronado, Mr. Hugill has coached both Track and Cross Country as well, “which occupies half of his time and AP occupies the other half.”

For both Coaching and Teaching, Mr. Hugill “Loves the relationships more than anything,” which is, of course, apparent to anyone who has been in his classroom, which is decorated with notes and signatures from hundreds of students all across each of the walls between track awards and sentimental pictures. To him, “nothing is better than all going out together for a good run” which culminates into watching the state meets, another favorite part of coaching. Looking back, his favorite moments were “in 2001 when the girls won the 4×800 and when we took Cross Country State in 2012.”

“I think that I don’t teach physics, I teach students,” Mr. Hugill said, looking back on what his career had meant, “relationships are more important than anything in life because you are going to forget what you learn, but friendships last forever.” To him, the relationships are not ending now, he is just planning to take some time and focus on other ones. “I’m going to take a year off and relax, go fishing and spend time with my wife, I see her every night but I haven’t really seen her in 34 years.”

Though you most definitely should take some time to say goodbye to Coronado’s longtime friend, he already says that he “feels like the richest man in the world after these 18 years” so saying goodbye won’t be about making him feel good, it’ll be about building a relationship, which is just as he would have it.