Politics Club: Let’s Get Political

Roman Sorrels, Staff Writer

One of Coronado’s newer clubs will be returning for its second year as we enter the second week of the 2017-2018 school year. Politics Club, built around political discussion and debate is looking for new members wanting to learn, share, and debate about political events or topics.

Politics Club gives students the opportunity to have an honest and open discussion with their peers. Every Thursday, a new topic is introduced and the group freely shares their thoughts. Topics have a vast range, from recent developments to general controversy. More controversial topics have been known to be more tense but also have been some of the more fun topics discussed in the club’s meetings. Some of the topics we’ll be seeing this year are mainly going to be “decided by the group” says Arman Mirhossaini, the President and Discussion Moderator of the club. The discussion opens with a topic on the board leading to the opportunity for each person to freely state their opinions on the issue.

So why is Politics Club a great place for everyone, and something for every Coronado Student to consider? Junior Wes Rubio feels “it’s important that we talk about these things.” Beyond that, being involved in a club and community of people trying to be more aware and knowledgeable is something you’ll never regret doing. Politics club invites you to come on down to room 214 during second lunch for fun and engaging exchanges of ideas and opinions.

Nothing in this club is mandatory, no fees, no requirements to be met. One can just show up, listen to others or join the conversation. Share what you know or think about a topic you feel passionate about; you can find Politics Club in room 214, second lunch, every Thursday.