Come on Down to Urinetown

Come on Down to Urinetown

Kathleen Hagar

Come on down to Urinetown! In case you’ve missed the memo, Urinetown is the name fall musical, and while it sounds gross, it’s definitely worth checking out. According to Brooklynn Cassens, 9, who plays one of the privileged rich people in Urinetown, ‘It’s an interesting musical, with a very interesting plot, but it has a good moral and story behind it. There’s a lot of big cultures and big ideas in it, that really bring together the characters and give them realistic views.”

So what exactly is Urinetown about? Premiering first in 2001, Urinetown satirizes the legal system and capitalism, along with topics such as water shortage and water policies with sarcastic humor and interesting setting. Taking place in the future when mankind has depleted the majority of our water sources and are forced to have restrictions; one of these restrictions being use of restrooms. With toilets using around 1.6 gallons of water a flush, and water being a scarcity, private restrooms are no longer legal and everyone must pay to use a public bathroom. This is where ‘Urine Good Company’ comes in, the single company in charge of the toilets. Because they’re the only toilet company, they have complete control over what they charge and how they operate. While paying for the use of bathrooms isn’t a big issue among the rich, the same can’t be said for the poor. If they don’t follow the strict laws concerning free urination, they’ll be sent to the mysterious “Urinetown.” But after too long under the malevolent rule, the poor decide to rebel.

“I think what makes this musical really unique is that it’s a satire, so it’s not as straightforward as past musicals. It’s a musical that kind of makes fun of other musicals and I love that kind of concept,” says Ms. Ambroz, director of the musical. With the auditions come and gone, the main characters have been picked and work on the play will begin soon. But just because the auditions are over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still help out! ‘One thing we are always looking for, however, are more boys!’ Ms. Ambroz replied when I asked. Contact her at [email protected] for more information. Sounds interesting? The musical opens November 16th, so keep your ears open as the date draws near!

Cast List:

Bobby Strong- Albright Dor

Hope Cladwell- Anna Landolfi

Little Sally- Deanna Cooper

Caldwell B.- Cladwell Daniel Peterson

Penelope Pennywise- Isabella Cross

Officer Lockstock- Colin Barsocchini

Officer Barrell- Marco Sorrels

Senator Fipp- Jaiden Twining

Mr. McQueen- Isaac Thompson

Hot Blades Harry- Josh Kendall

Little Becky Two Shoes- Elizabeth Gumper

Soupy Sue Alexa- Huesgen Hobbs

Tiny Tom – Talon Turman

Bobby the Stockfish- Lindsey Stancato

Betty Boy Bill- Indie Ross

Joseph Old Man Strong- Alex Johnson

Josephine Old Ma Strong- Olivia Gillum

Cladwell’s Secretary- Hannah Widger

Mrs. Millenium- Elena Dunz

Dr. Billeaux- Dylan Carter

The Rich: The Poor:

Keatyn Hobson

Alec Batanero

Lina Hobson

Gianna Kesser

Olivia Lawler

Meghan Lawson

Ellie Myers

Ben Hayes-Lemmon

Sarah Smith

Aiden Maughan

Maile Sufak

Autumn Palmer

Brooklynn Cassens

Mercy Tinder

Emily Sutton

Reanna Scherb

Crew List:

Stage Manager- Ivy Harris

Asst. Stage Managers-

Sophia Hanna

Tyler Barnett

Cydnee Corley


Set Design- Reyd Osborn


Costume Design-

Alexa Huesgen-Hobbs

Elena Dunz


Makeup Design –

Evelyn Gillum

Marissa Townsend


Light & Sound Design-

Michael Petkash

Jesse Crum


Publicity Avery Young


Shop Foreman- Devin Byrd


Asst. Shop Foreman- Nick Thompson


Run Crew- Evelyn Gillum


Costume Crew- KT Malcolm


Hair & Makeup Crew-

Angela Taylor

Marissa Townsend

Follow Spot Clayton Barton

Publicity Reyd Osborn

Props Brieanne Davis

Sophia Hanna