Men’s Varsity Tennis Faces Doherty Tragedy

Roman Sorrels, Staff Writer

On Friday, September 22 Varsity Tennis charged into their tournament with high hopes and confidence. Starting off their day strong with an 11-0 record in Men’s Singles. Senior Ashton Rogers “made quick work of his opponents” with 2 singles says Head Coach Philipsen. Meanwhile Tucker Travins (11), had 3 singles during the same. Both athletes were great role models and are providing leadership for underclassmen this season. After a 1 point defeat at Pine Creek, the boys certainly turned up the heat to try to close this win against Doherty. It looked as if Coronado would take all 21 games. However, the Tournament was interrupted by the athletic director rushing athletes, parents, and coaches to the Doherty’s gym for a shelter in place drill. After arriving in the gym, coaches told those sheltering that this was no drill, later athletes found out that there was a violent incident near Doherty. The team was moved again to the wrestling room after the entire school transitioned to the gym. After a few hours, the school announced that two students were attacked and injured across the street, as well as that no information was given regarding the culprit nor the state of the students.


Once the situation calmed down Cougars were finally released safely,  and still had a fire burning to take the win and face off against Palmer. The tournament was unfortunately canceled but it will hopefully be made up for in the next few weeks. The Cougars went in and came out confident. Let’s all be happy that our athletes had a strong tournament and returned safely, and furthermore that those involved across the street were only wounded and remained in a stable condition.