Cougars Take the Wheel at the Clothing Drive

Cougars Closet returns to bring clothes to students at Coronado


Bekah Redinger, Staff Writer

Cougars Care, a club focused on helping others at Coronado, puts on a yearly clothing drive and “shopping” event to bring in clothes for anyone who needs and wants them. Cougars Closet has students bring in old clothes to donate, and Cougars Care distributes them for free to any Coronado student at an organized conglomeration of tables and racks in the Auditorium lobby.

It’s not just clothes that can be donated, either. Donations can include books, shoes, dresses, coats, and anything else students might need! Those interested in donating can place their donations in the box outside the office before October 18th.

“If you can donate clothes, then you can go in and get free ones. It’s a free exchange, and everybody can benefit, whether you need clothes or you need to exchange some clothes. It really does help the kids who need clothes, especially going into the winter. We want to make sure everybody goes in there, to make sure it’s a comfortable environment,” said Mr. Urban, the Cougars Care sponsor.

This year’s Cougars Closet will take place on October 18 and 19th in the auditorium lobby, and will last all day.


Another one of Coronado’s more prominent clubs is the GSTA, or Gay Straight Trans Alliance. They make a point of helping out wherever at the school they can, and Cougars Closet is no exception to the rule. This year, the club has decided to contribute, and make sure the effort lasts by positioning carts, called the “Cougars Clothing Kiosk” at the event.

The carts will be set up in the auditorium at the event, and will be sorted into “masculine small and medium, masculine large and extra large, feminine small and medium,” and “feminine large and extra large,” so that people can choose the kind of clothing they want with ease.  

The carts will not only be at the Cougars Closet, they will also be in the school year round, so that anyone who needs to receive or exchange clothing can do so.

Remember that these events are important, Cougars! If you can help out your peers, doing so makes school life better for everyone.