Cougar’s Closet Shows that Cougars Care


Bekah Redinger, Staff Writer

Cougars Closet is one of Coronado’s biggest annual events, fueled by people whose hearts lead them to donate to the cause, and by people who shop the event for new clothing. This year, the Cougars Closet was a big success, with hundreds of items of clothing donated in the weeks that led up to the exchange, and hundreds of students flooding through the doors of the auditorium lobby during lunches, free periods, and after school.

In the midst of the chaos surrounding the clothes, a few students spoke to the Cougar Daily about why they were participating, and why they think the event is important to our community. “Not everyone can always afford new clothes every year,” said Emily Sutton, 10, “so this very much helps all of the students who need more clothes.” Marin Parks, 10, added that the Cougar’s Closet is “essential to the whole society, for people who are less fortunate. I think people who come to this are very helpful, giving people a helping hand.”

Other students seemed to agree. For example, Tatum Patterson, 10, thought that the event was “really helpful,” and “an open environment” for anyone who needed help, because anyone could come in and shop for new clothes.

Cougar’s Closet this year represented how Coronado can come together for the good of all of our students, and reflected the spirit of our community.

The event ended after second lunch on Thursday, but giving and receiving continues year-round, with the brand-new Cougars Clothing Kiosk, an installation of carts full of clothing for anyone who needs any. These will be located outside the main office and will be sorted by size. Stay on the lookout, and keep the cycle of giving going, Cougars!