My Fishy Trip to Rosemont Resevoir

Roman Sorrels, Staff Writer

Now that the summer is over and the weather is starting to cool down, so do the lakes, rivers, and ponds which surround Colorado Springs. This means that it’s time to get out there, equipped with your rod and reel and catch some fish. Here’s my best fishing trip of 2017 thus far:

After my family and I attempted to fish various ponds and lakes around town including Quail Lake, Pikeview Reservoir, and Monument Lake; with little to no success, we went to a local fishing shop where we were told of a lake that was low pressure and recently stocked (meaning fewer people and full of Rainbow Trout).

To start off the day we woke up around 5, got dressed for the occasion, complete with hoodies, boots, and backpacks. Instead of just packing food we stopped at a local burrito place and loaded our carne asada and chorizo burritos. After about a 45 minute drive up Gold Camp road, we reached a small trail that follows a dried up river. The trail was barely visible, and at some points extremely difficult to navigate while holding a rod. At the bottom of this trail, we reached an open plain overlooking the lake. The sun was out, only being covered every so often by a small thin cloud. The mountains on every side, bright green moss was covering every rock and tree. It was cold enough for a coat but warm enough to really enjoy it, surrounding the edge of the water were Aspen trees red and gold.

We were all fishing with Fly and Bubble, so not much work had to be done once we cast out. My youngest brother fished a bit but eventually moved on to trying to catch a dragonfly, or climb atop a boulder half in the ground. Now, this may seem exaggerated but my dad and brother were catching and reeling in Rainbow Trout on every cast. Big, Small, didn’t matter, you had to be trying to not catch a fish to cast out and reel in without at least a bite.

The sun was shining across the water, bald eagles were flying through the sky, and a smooth breeze ran past us. So if you’re looking for a great spot to picnic, fish, or take some great selfies head out to Rosemont Reservoir. Have fun fishing cougars.