11 Things to do in 11-2017


November is here!

Bekah Redinger, Staff Writer

Even though the leaves are falling, and bringing snow with them, autumn is the peak time for relaxing and having fun. Here are some ways to take a break from the stress of school, get out into the world, and make sure your fall will “leaf” you smiling.


The best part about being a student at Coronado is being able to support your fellow students in their school-based endeavors.One of the best yearly school events is the annual fall theatre production! This year it’s Urinetown, a dystopian satire about a world in which restrooms are reserved only for those who can afford it  Make sure to go see Urinetown on November 16, 17, and 18. To order tickets, go to: https://www.onthestage.com/org/coronado-high-school. Learn more about Urinetown here.


One of the most American holidays, one where people stuff themselves silly with food and watch football, is only missing one thing: your friends. Thanksgiving is a family holiday, but there’s nothing that says your friends aren’t family too. So, if you want to celebrate friends as well as family, you can hold a “friendsgiving”! Set a date a few days before or after Thanksgiving, invite friends, and tell them to bring their favorite Thanksgiving food.Then, eat as much as you can with people you appreciate. Don’t forget to talk about what you’re thankful for: your friends.

Check Out a New Club at Coronado

Our student culture is teeming with life and exciting things to do every day. The Cougar Daily has articles about lots of our lesser-known clubs, so pick one that you think sounds fun, and give it a try! You never know what good might come from getting involved. You could make new friends, or learn a new skill!

Go Support Coronado Sports!

Winter sports are starting! Go watch a hockey game, a wrestling match, or a swim meet! Supporting Coronado is one of the ways that anyone can do their part to help our teams win, and show their school spirit!


Theaters are booming with post-summer blockbusters. After the successes of films like Spiderman: Homecoming and Wonder Woman over the summer, the superhero buzz continues with Thor: Ragnarok., released 11/3, and Justice League, released 11/10. For those seeking a thrill in the theater, Midnight on the Orient Express, released 11/10, and Roman J. Israel, Esq., released 11/17, are good options. Historical movies, to keep you in the learning spirit while you’re not in school, are good too. Try LBJ, released 11/3, or Darkest Hour, set to be released on 11/22 If you want something more lighthearted, try Coco, released 11/22, Wonder, released 11/17, or Daddy’s Home 2, released 11/10. Don’t forget that if you aren’t willing to drop the cash on a new movie, the dollar theater is always showing your older favorites!


If you haven’t already finished the second season of Stranger Things, have you been living under a Netflix-free rock? In case you want to catch up on the shows gaining all the latest buzz, or you want to rewatch old classics like The Office or Parks and Rec, then make some of your favorite hot drink and cuddle up on the couch or in your bed and get ready for a marathon of the best streamable shows.

Scary Movies

It may not be Halloween anymore, but it’s always the season for a good horror flick! You can still decide to pull out your old favorite movie from when you were a kid, or a newer one that you’ve been meaning to watch. Or, if you’re a risk taker, get ready to put on your old favorite (or a new favorite) scary movie.

Get Discounted Halloween Stuff

Again, Halloween may be over, but that’s not a “gourd” reason to leave the candy behind! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, get ready to bite into all the chocolate and candy on sale. Just try to stay clear of the holiday aisles for as long as it’s still November.  

Buy a Really Good Sweater

It’s getting chilly, so you need to cover up! As your mom would say, put on a sweater before you go out! Most stores in town have sweaters, but if you want a really good deal and a really great sweater, go to one of the thrift stores in town! It’s sustainable and affordable, and makes sure you get an eccentric, completely you-style sweater.

Black Fridaying

For the thrill chasers and the savings seekers, Black Friday is on its way. So get ready to put on your armor or your fastest shoes and get ready to run for those deals! Whether you want clothes or the latest gadgets and tech, you have the opportunity to save money on whatever items and presents you desire. Do keep in mind, your safety comes first. Be aware of your situation at all times and take care of yourself out there.


Despite the need for everyone, including high school students, to relax and ensure that they aren’t stretching themselves too thin, it’s important to keep ourselves sharp for school! Whether you’re keeping up on learning a language, understanding math or science, or remembering how to write a paper, be sure to get some studying in. Believe it or not, it is possible to play too much. Make sure you set aside time to work!