The New Kid on the Block: Mrs. Evans

Mrs. Evans reflects on her transition from Mann middle school to Coronado


Taylor Aguilera, Staff Writer

Mrs. Evans, a former student of Rampart high school has just recently got a job at Coronado. Last school year is when she found out about it. She announced to her 8th grade class and her fellow teachers at Mann Middle School last year that students attending Coronado wouldn’t be the only ones moving up a grade.
This is isn’t her first time teaching at a high school though, her first couple years of teaching she taught at an alternative high school. Alternative high schools are normally a middle school or high school programs offered to underachieving students and or those lacking in credits to pass or to be with their same age class. “It was very different” She says. “There wasn’t a lot of actual teaching. They did their work and I graded it. It was more of credit recovery type of program.” Some time after that she took up a teaching job at Mann middle school. Over there she was a science teacher just like she is over here.
She enjoys Coronado so far. She likes how the students are more mature and have a lack of apathy. “In middle school students were very apathetic” She says. Students didn’t really take much account ability in middle school for a credit. The increase in materials here from Mann is a plus for her. Her children attend here too. Along with getting to see four years of Mann students here she gets to also see and catch up with.
Mrs. Evans looks forward to more involvement in extracurricular activities,but she was told her first year here at Coronado that she should mainly focus on teaching, which is what she plans to do. She has developed an itch on her nose for maybe the robotics club. She also super excited to develop more relationships with students and staff.
The students and staff has been really welcoming. On her first day here she got about two hundred hugs. Some people didn’t know she would be coming to Coronado so former students were surprised (and gave many of the hugs she received).