Misterwives Concert Reveiw


Taylor Aguilera, Staff Writer

Who are the MisterWives? Maybe you have heard, but I haven’t met many people at school who know of the band. Despite this, MisterWives is my favorite band and is so high on my list that they clash with Taylor Swift as my favorite music artist. MisterWives just released a new album called “Connect the Dots.” The album is a follow-up to “Our Own House,” their first. I loved their first, so I bought the album just few days after it came out. I saw an Instagram post telling me that they were going on tour. I researched and found the tickets were  being sold for the low price of fifty dollars. My parents were exhilarated to help me go so they bought the tickets and we set the date in stone. Though some problems arose, we still went the weekend of 7/1.

   At the concert, the line was massive. I previously thought MisterWives was not very popular despite having their music videos on VEVO. I thought this due to the fact that I have found no one else who liked them and they didn’t have a lot of YouTube subscribers.

   There was one small problem that at the time seemed really huge to me. You had to be 16 years or older to enter (which I am not). As soon as the person who asked me what my age was I simply told her I was sixteen, so she marked with an x and moved on. Even though it was easy to get through, I still thought the policy was stupid. What is the point of saying it is a sixteen and up concert when all you are going to do is ask their age and if they said they were sixteen let them move on? Looking behind me I saw the line had grown way more even though I already thought it was huge.

   As I got into the theater I saw that the entrance lined with security guards and metal detectors. It was packed inside. I didn’t know they would have these at concerts since I have never been to one.

   On our way into the theater, I could see light on the ground. Like the kind lights that you see in movie theaters on the floor, so I assume it used to or was going to be a movie theater. Looking back, there was also a stand that you would normally see in stereotypical movie theaters. There were stairs leading to the top area and the bar lined with seats. Getting up there and taking a look down at the sea of people made me happy that I didn’t pick down on the floor.

   As time passed they decorated the stage and filled it with instruments. A lady walked out on stage but she wasn’t a band member from MisterWives. She was dressed in white. She announced herself as the lead singer of a band called Bell The Band.

   What is Bell The Band you might be wondering? She told us that had just released their EP. I looked them up and I found that they are a folk band. Even though people didn’t know who she was, they still cheered for her. I did a few times too. She was pretty good.

   She had finished singing and by this time the theater was packed. I was sitting on a stool facing the stage and I couldn’t back up without putting it on someone’s foot. I could also feel the body heat getting to me. Luckily I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts so the heat was bearable.

    Bell the band wasn’t it though for guest performers. Another band walked out onto the stage. They were a four-man rock band called The Greeting Committee. They were pretty good too, so good in fact so good I have continued listening to them.

The only problem is that Lady from Bell The Band took a while to perform and now these guys are performing, so I was getting impatient and wondering what was taking Misterwives so long. What was even worse was when they came out on stage and then went returned backstage!

   Needless to say, it was worth the wait because they were astounding. Even though they did their songs different than they did on the recordings, they still sounded like the band I had gotten addicted to.

I don’t remember the order the songs they played were in, but I can sure tell you what the did play. They, of course, performed all of their new album but also sprinkled in some older songs of theirs. The older songs included “Vagabond, Kings and Queens, Reflections (of course), and Our Own House.” They also played a cover they had made for Chance the Rapper’s “Same Drugs.”

   Vagabond was a wonderful slow song to listen to and Kings and Queens were fun to dance to even though I couldn’t dance because the place was packed. Reflections were amazing like it always is. Our Own House was particularly fun since when they started on it I was just expecting the song but what they ended up doing was even better. Near the end of the song, they started playing bongos. Mandy Lee, the lead singer of the band, would ask us to fill in some of the lyrics to the song. It was the part of the song were they tell you to “Take it all take it away, love melts the pain”. This caused everyone in the theater to be hyped and explode with excitement.

The band’s fans and the community were incredibly nice. From all, I could see people were all kind to one and other. Not just kind to their own people but even to those outside of their age group. People from young to old were all listening to the same music. Later on, my parents commented on how everyone there seemed to be having a good time and they all seemed pretty nice. Now granted I am sure somewhere in the sea of people there was that one that was not such nice person or not having a good time, but overall the vibe was one of positivity.

What an experience band camp truly was. MisterWives was a rich and sweet piece of candy. The people, the light show and of course the music was amazing. If I got to go to any concert I wanted, I would have to say MisterWives again. Even though I haven’t ever been to different one, I still would have to choose my favorite band MisterWives.