It’s a Night for the Ladies- Go To Sadie’s!

It's a Night for the Ladies- Go To Sadie's!

Gaby Stenholm, Staff Writer

Can’t wait until prom, Cougars?  Craving some long-awaited, wholesome fun at a school-hosted party?  If so, you’re in luck- the thrilling annual excitement brought about by Coronado’s Sadie Hawkins Dance is nearly upon us!  Resurrected only last year, the Sadie Hawkins was a hit that will only  increase in pizzazz on 3/3, from 8-11 PM in the Coronado gym.  Now that you know, make sure you save the date!


What you may not yet know is that the history of the dance is nearly as exhilarating as the event itself. Sadie Hawkins was not the inspiring female figure many imagine her to be.  In fact, she was not even a real person.  She originated through the popular cartoon Lil’ Abner, which ran from 1934 to 1974.  Created by cartoonist Al Capp, the cartoon featured a tragically unattractive woman whose sole purpose in life was to find an eligible bachelor willing to tolerate her.  You guessed it- this homely woman trapped in the antiquated realms of 1930s gender roles was the Sadie Hawkins who inspired our dance here today.  Since no man would willingly go out with her, her father devised a plan- Sadie would chase every available bachelor in town during a great race.  Whomever she caught would be her husband.  Nowadays, hopefully you will not have to chase down your date, but nevertheless, how thrilling that in this day and age of 2018, a woman can finally have an excuse to cast aside her demure femininity and actually ask out the man of her choosing!  So if that is your cup of tea, be ready to attend the Sadie Hawkins Dance, February 24th, and keep on resuscitating the legacy of Lil’ Abner.  


But on a more serious note, while Coronado’s Sadie Hawkins tends to garner substantial attendance and is a popular event given its unique set of courtship rules, one must remember that every school dance is an equally acceptable opportunity for you girls to ask out boys, or other girls.  Or go with your friends, or with no one at all!  Because no matter what, you are still having a memorable experience and a good time.  Hope to see you there Cougars!