The Science Department

Hannah Besse, Staff Writer

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Not only is it important for you to take science classes to learn about the world around you, but you also need to take them to get your diploma.  To graduate, students are only required to have six science credits (one per semester) which is only three full years of courses. Some students choose this route especially if they have other interests, but with so many options and places to receive college credit, it is recommended that students take a science course all four years of high school. Once students receive the six credits needed to graduate, the credits then become elective credits that are also necessary to graduate.


Coronado also offers many CU Succeed Classes which each offers college credit through University of Colorado. CU Succeed Classes include Honors College Prep Chemistry, A.P Biology, and A.P. Chemistry.  The three A.P. classes also give the option of college credit depending on how you do on the test in May.


The Coronado science department has some course recommendations as you make your way through your time here.



Physical/Earth Science

Honors Biology: for those students hoping to take A.P. classes later on.



Biology (for those who took Physical/Earth Science during freshman year)

General Chemistry

College Prep Chemistry

Honors College Prep Chemistry *CU SUCCEED CREDIT AVAILABLE


Juniors and Seniors

This is when students begin having more options in their courses, including A.P. classes.



Environmental Science


Human Anatomy and Physiology

Monster Anatomy and Physiology (NO LONGER OFFERED)

Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology


Honors Physics


A.P. Options (Before taking the AP class, it is recommended that students take the honors version to make the material easier to consume:)


A.P. Physics




The science department is run by co-chairs Caleb Muth, who teaches Biology courses, and William Richardson, who is the Human Anatomy and Physiology instructor. Michelle Chappelear, Chemistry and Council teacher, Gabriela Escobar, Astronomy and Spanish teacher, Julie Evans, Chemistry teacher, Tyler Nash, Chemistry teacher, Jennifer Richardson, Physics instructor, Kendra Schlieker, Biology teacher and LINK advisor, Loretta Smith, Physical Science and Biology teacher, and Lynne Williams, Biology teacher, make up the rest of the department which offers fifteen different courses all at various difficulty.


If you do not have room in your schedule but still want to be involved with one of Coronado’s science teachers or the science department, there are a variety of clubs you can join. Sponsored by Ms. Escobar, you can join the Astronomy Club which meets Wednesdays and Thursdays in Room 109, the Board Game Club with Mrs. Schlieker on Fridays in Room 105, the Green Team on Fridays, Knowledge/Science Bowl on Mondays, and the Science Olympiad on Thursdays with Mr. Muth in Room 104.


If you have any more questions on all the science department or a description of each of the courses offered, check out the course description on the Coronado High School website!


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