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Becca Bieda, Staff Writer

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Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors listen up! Class registration is approaching quickly, are you ready? Coronado offers an extended range of various courses in all departments, including a wide selection in the social studies department.


In total, the social studies department offers 15 courses. Out of these courses 6 offer honors or AP credits. Below is a list of all the courses and if they offer honors credits or not:


  • 21st Century Geography and World History 1,2                             Grade: 9
  • 21st Century Geography and World History 1,2 Honors                 Grade: 9
  • Constitutional and Criminal Law                                                     Grade 11,12
  • Current Issues                                                                                Grade: 11,12
  • Economics                                                                                      Grade 11,12
  • AP Microeconomics                                                                        Grade: 12
  • Human Geography 1,2 AP                                                              Grade: 9,10,11,12
  • Psychology                                                                                     Grade: 11,12
  • Psychology AP 1,2            Grade: 11,12
  • Sociology                                                                                        Grade: 11,12
  • US History: Reconstruction – Present 3,4                                       Grade: 10
  • US History: Reconstruction – Present 3,4  Honors            Grade: 10
  • US History 1,2 AP                                                                           Grade: 10,11,12
  • US Government                                                                              Grade: 11,12
  • US Government and Politics AP                                                     Grade: 11,12


All the above courses offer social studies credits. After you have fulfilled your required social studies credits, the above courses can be elective credits. To graduate, students are required to have 3 social studies credits.  


The 10 teachers in the social studies department include, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Lobato, Ms. Haffley, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Burak, Ms. Jacobs, Mr. Hill, Mr. Kane, and Ms. Ury. The chair of the department is Mrs Johnson, who teaches Geography/World History, US History and AP Human Geography. Mr. Lobato teaches Economics and World History. Ms. Haffley teaches US History and Government. Mr. Taylor teaches Economics, US Government, and AP Microeconomics. Mr. Thomas teaches Psychology, Us Government, World History Regular and Honors. Mr. Burak teaches World History and US History Honors. Ms. Jacobs teaches Constitutional and Criminal Law, American West, US Government, and AP Government.Mr. Hill teaches US History, and World History. Mr. Kane teaches Current Issues, AP and regular US History. Ms. Ury teaches AVID 12, AP and regular Psychology.


If you are interested in exploring deeper than these courses or would like to be involved more with one of these teachers, there are a variety of clubs you could join. With Mr. Burak, you can join the Christians serving Cougars club which meets every other wednesday at 7:40am in the courtyard. With Ms. Jacobs you can join GSTA (Gay, Straight, Trans alliance) which meets Tuesdays from 3:05pm-4pm in room 214 or the Local Government Club which meets in room 214. With Mrs. Johnson, you can join Key Club which meets Wednesdays from 3pm-3:30pm in room 217.  


If you have any more questions on all the social studies department or a description of each of the courses offered, check out the course description on the Coronado High School website!  

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