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In the 2015-2016 school year, 98% of students in this program graduated high school on time; in the same year, 80% of these students were admitted to a four-year college. A 35 year-old program operating in 46 states and affecting 1.5 million students,  Advancement Via Individual Determination, known more commonly as AVID, proves a consistently successful program dedicated to student success and advancement to higher education.  Headed by Ms. Stuckey and also taught by AVID-certified teachers Ms. Williams, Ms. Brandt, Ms. Ury, and Ms. Ross, AVID’s mission is “to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success,” achieved under the “guiding principle” that “[when held] to the highest standards, provide[d] academic and social support…[students] will rise to the challenge.”


AVID coordinator Ms. Stuckey, says AVID aims to “increase the number of students who enroll and succeed in four-year colleges.” Stuckey says Cougars should consider AVID, if they are “serious students, driven to succeed in college” and strive to stay on top of their workload in high school and succeed in upper level courses. Stuckey also recommends AVID if students desire extra support in honors or other challenging courses or support through the college admissions process, which is a major focal point of AVID, and it shows as  “more AVID students get accepted to college” and “have a higher graduation rate once there.”


At Coronado, AVID is a three-to-four-year-long commitment and students typically progress  through the program beginning with AVID 9 and continuing through AVID 12. AVID classes are non-honors elective credits and follow the W.I.C.O.R., Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading, model. Reapplication to AVID is required between each year of the program, and though students may sign-up anytime within their freshman through junior years of high school, Stuckey recommends applying earlier rather than later in one’s high school career.


The AVID Department has no associated clubs, but because AVID students are required to obtain 10 community service hours per semester, AVID members are deeply involved in the Coronado and West-Side communities; most recently, AVID members have operated the concession stand at winter sporting events.


In registering for courses in the 2018-2019 school year, consider the opportunities and support available through Coronado’s AVID Department. Contact Coronado’s AVID teachers or AVID counselor, Mr. Wermers, if you are still determining if AVID is the right fit for you.

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