The Family and Consumer Sciences Department

Cougar Daily Staff, Cool Guys and Gals

Everybody needs to eat. Most people should know how to raise and care for a baby.  YOU need a lesson in life management!


The Family and Consumer Science Department offers so many options that you could probably spend all day out in the tech building, which sounds nice!  Powered by Jordan Sveen and Stephanie Ager, this department focuses on a lot of those life skills that many people, sadly, lack when they head out into the world.


The classes in FaCS offer a practical art credit, one of which you need, and then the classes become an elective credit, of which you need eleven.  Some of the courses even offer the required economics class or college credit!


Catering 1,2: PA, E, CC

Culinary Arts 1,2: PA, E

Interior Design 1,2:PA, E, CC


ProStart Level 1 (1,2): PA, E, CC

ProStart Level 2 (3,4): PA, E, CC (prerequisite of ProStart Level 1)

ProStart Business Economics: PA, Econ, E, CC


Social Dynamics (Relationships): PA, E

Life Management: PA, E

Child and Adolescent Development: PA, E


PA=Practical Arts


CC=College Credit



In addition to the wide variety of class offerings from these two dynamo teachers, there are a whole slew of clubs they sponsor, like FCCLA, The Catering Club, and ProStart.