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Gabrielle Stenholm, Staff Writer

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Coronado High School offers endless opportunities within the English department, and because you are required to have eight English credits-four full years- to graduate, it is an excellent idea to make the most of these courses.  No matter what your interest area might be, you can utilize your own personal strengths in exciting English courses ranging from creative writing to rigorous Advanced Placement literature courses that will challenge you to be your best English-y self.  Beyond course material, you have a variety of options when it comes to difficulty as well. Everyone from freshmen to seniors can choose whether to engage in regular or honors/A.P. classes, depending on your skill set and the amount of time you want to invest in your English career.  Taking any regular, honors, or A.P. English course for a full year will earn you two English credits. One semester classes such as Creative Writing, Senior Literature, or Senior Composition will earn you a semester credit.  


Though similar material is covered in honors and regular courses, honor classes tend to go into greater comprehensive depth at a faster pace.  Each A.P. class, however, covers its own entirely unique set of curriculum.  A.P. Literature addresses writing style and how authors make their work compelling and relevant.  A.P. Language and Composition is more structured, addressing the meaning of novels, poetry, and literature as a whole.  


If you just cannot get your fill of English in class, there is an array of other courses, clubs, and associations you can be involved in if you love to write.  For example, Slam Poetry Club allows students to write their own poems and perform them before live audiences.  If you prefer to work from behind the scenes, journalism gives its staff the opportunity to interview influential students and write their own articles for the Coronado newspaper, “The Cougar Daily,” or help make the only truly lasting product a high school creates, the yearbook.  These may not count for an English credit, but the can give you an outlet to tap into your inner author.  You can also get involved in Reader’s Guild, a club that allows its members’ imaginations to run wild with in-depth discussions of novels.  


The general flow of classes is as follows:


English 1, 2 -> English 3, 4 -> English 5, 6 -> English 7, 8 Senior Lit and Comp


English 1, 2 Honors -> English 3, 4 Honors -> AP Lit 7, 8 -> AP Lang and Comp



Journalism (H)

Yearbook (H)

Creative writing

Slam poetry

* (H) designates courses offered as both honors and regular credits

It is suggested that you progress to A.P. English courses as an upperclassman if you took honors courses in the 9th and 10th grades.  If you decide to take regular English as a freshman or sophomore, you may choose to advance to English 7, Senior Composition, and English 8, Senior Literature. Be sure to judge your future schedule based off of the level of difficulty you feel comfortable with.  Of course, students are not locked in to any one path and may transition at the start of the school year.


Enrollment in the Honors, A.P. and CU Succeed programs must come with the understanding that the courses are weighted because the level of content and rigor is significantly higher and the teacher reserves the right to drop a student from the class at the end of any semester based upon performance.  Students may not initiate any drop of an honors level class within a semester; if you sign up for an advanced class, you are enrolled for the semester.



Reader’s Guild


Teachers in the Coronado English Department include,

Amber Luttman (Department Head)

Grant Stoughton

Jamie Anderson

Christopher Hartman

Scott Edmund

Laura Stuckey

Dianna Fitzsimmons

Alli Watson

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