The Instrumental Fine Arts Department

Isaac Ross, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Coronado is known for their award-winning arts programs, and some of the most decorated and well known are the Band and Orchestra, both of which, in addition to their traditional offerings, will have brand-new classes to choose from.




Symphonic Band


Symphonic is Coronado’s introductory band class, open to all players with at least one year of experience with any band instrument. Symphonic Band plays music far more advanced than 8th grade, and offers a progressive musical curriculum throughout the year through a wide variety of musical genres.


Wind Ensemble


The Wind Ensemble is Coronado’s premiere, audition-only band. Students admitted by audition during Spring 2018 will have the opportunity to play truly challenging music ranging from just above the level of Symphonic to College-level literature. Students are expected to have multiple years of playing experience and to be taking private instruction, as well as being willing to practice rigorously outside of class. Wind Ensemble has the opportunity annually to travel outside of the state to compete in national festivals, and performs at Coronado’s sporting events in “pep” band outside of their classroom music.




New this year, percussion players are expected to take a stand-alone class instead of signing up for Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble. The separate class will still perform with their respective groups, but will be allowed to reach new heights of skill through individualized rehearsal time reserved solely for percussionists.


Intermediate Jazz Band


Intermediate Jazz Band is an audition-only dive into the world of Jazz. From swing to funk to ballads and more, musicians in this group can expect to vastly expand their grasp on music by exploring the world beyond the classical genre.


Advanced Jazz Band


Taking it a step further, Advanced Jazz band is reserved for the highly-talented alumni of Intermediate Jazz Band, and similar to Wind Ensemble, plays music which offers a true challenge, often reaching to the level expected of College musicians. Advanced Jazz Band also generally has the opportunity to travel for competition, and frequently performs at Community nights for Coronado.




Symphonic Orchestra


Coronado’s introductory Orchestra is open to musicians who have been playing their instruments throughout middle school, but plays music which far-exceeds the difficulty level of 8th grade classes. Students are encouraged to take lessons privately and practice at home frequently. Students can expect to advance their musical skills through exposure to literature of increasing difficulty, which, through practice, should pave the way to Chamber Orchestra.


Chamber Orchestra


Coronado’s Chamber Orchestra is a high-performing, award-winning, audition only group. Auditions take place in Spring of 2018 and are open to all grades. Members are expected to be studying privately on a frequent basis, and will have to practice at home nearly daily in order to master the advanced music. The Chamber Orchestra accompanies the Wind Ensemble on an annual trip to another state to compete in a national competition, as well as an annual local competition and other performance opportunities.


Beyond the performing arts, Coronado’s Orchestra teacher Mr. Jacobson has designed three new classes to expand the school’s music offerings.

Online Standard Music Theory


New this year, this class will offer an opportunity for musicians who are interested in learning music theory credit for the knowledge. This class is recommended for musicians looking to minor in music in college and want to improve their performance abilities in their ensembles. Fortunately, this class is all-online, so even students with the busiest schedules have the opportunity to take the class regardless.


Online AP Music Theory


If the standard class does not sound intense enough, an AP class will also be offered. This class will be recommended to musicians interested in pursuing a music major or wanting to take advantage of the college credit which comes along with an AP class. As with the lower class, this one is all-online, meaning busy students can take advantage of this opportunity as well.


Digital Music Production


For musically inclined people without interest in performance, an all new digital music production class will be offered next year in the Mac lab, using garageband to learn how to produce music for video games, broadcasting, and anything else which is accompanied by digital music. It is important that interested students do not replace their performance ensemble with digital music production, instead taking it as an addition if interested.