An Amazing Producer in The Amazing Race

Alex Johnson Has Given The Amazing Race a Spin


Gracie Nowlan, Staff Writer

From “reality” to real, a fan’s take on The Amazing Race is something to stir about. The popular reality show “The Amazing Race” took a spin as fan Alex Johnson, a senior at Coronado and the director of Rock Ledge Studios, recreated his own version via set in the Garden of the Gods to much acclaim and expectation from fans.


“Eight teams race through the Garden of the Gods to the finish,” Alex says as he explains the basic storyline of his movie. The reason for this particular plotline is due to the fact that Alex is a “big fan” of the show, The Amazing Race. His favorite part of making movies is that he “loves to see how it plays out in the end and all comes together,” and many of his fans can say the same.


Alex’s favorite part of the making of this particular movie was “finishing the whole thing,” and seeing the last two teams, “step on the mat.” But, after spending “seven months total,” finishing it and getting it out there for other people to enjoy would, in fact, be refreshing. Alex and all the actors involved, including mostly kids from Coronado, filmed the movie on June 2nd, 2017.


The biggest struggle Alex encountered was indeed Colorado itself because “Colorado is notorious for its weather and for the whole story, episode five explains,” all that happened on that filming day. But, through all of the struggles and mishaps, the movie turned out great and, “hopefully it goes big.”


A couple of quick clicks is all it takes to check it out. On YouTube, Alex’s channel is called Rock Ledge Studios and the recently added series is, “The Amazing Race: Colorado.” Rock Ledge Studios will have you on the very edge of your seat, as the videos and publishings always provide a new adventure and entertainment. Alex hopes to take his career and hobby far in video production. Alex is working to make his, “own version of Survivor this summer,” so it looks like Coronado will have to tune in for more of this up-and-coming director.