Sadie’s Spirit Week Announced

Sadie's Spirit Week Announced

Mara Abernethy, Co-Editor-in-Chief

With Coronado’s 3/4 Sadie Hawkins formal rapidly approaching, so approaches the Sadie Hawkins Spirit Week! Cougars, take this opportunity to showcase your school spirit and class pride!

This year’s Sadie Hawkins Spirit Week:

Monday, 2/26: March Madness Monday (College Day)

Tuesday, 2/27: Decades Day

   9th: 50’s

   10th: 60’s

   11th: 70’s

   12th: 80’s

Wednesday, 2/28: Country vs. Country Club

Thursday, 3/1: Camo Day

Friday, 3/2: Class Colors

   9th: Black

   10th: Gold

   11th: White

   12th: Red