No Phone, No Life?

Don't Get Distracted By Your Phone Anymore!

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No Phone, No Life?

Gracie Nowlan, Staff Writer

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People are constantly claiming that life without a phone is ‘liberating’ and ‘so much better’ but, not many people could realistically go a day without the constant buzz of their phone or the certain unexplainable comfort it brings them. But, could your phone be the reason your grades aren’t what you want them to be, or why you stay up to all hours of the night working on your homework? In reality, it probably is at least a contributing factor, whether you recognize it or not.


The little distraction you carry in your pocket at all times a day can be keeping you from your full potential. Maile Sufak (9), a student at Coronado, although not always 100% productive says that it is all about “self-discipline” and she is constantly getting better about study habits. Although “every study schedule will vary because of the extracurriculars you are in,” Maile explains, “I make sure I have everything I need before I get to work so I do not need to open my phone or get up from working to get a snack or a drink of water.” Taking the first step to becoming more productive can give you the motivation to keep going. But, maybe you get to work right away and then get distracted by your phone or social media and various other apps. Don’t be concerned though, Maile’s got you covered.


ClearLock and ClearFocus are two apps for Android users to keep them productive, for Apple users, Forest and Flora work great too! Maile uses both ClearLock and ClearFocus to keep her on track. ClearLock, “locks all of of the apps you find distracting like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.” The app locks them for a certain amount of time to keep you locked on your work and not on your screen. ClearFocus, “helps you set timers for yourself and it tracks your productivity,” Maile explained. Turning these apps on before you get to work will truly keep you on track and turn in those assignments.


The Forest app is interactive in the sense that for the time you’re not on your phone, your forest grows and by logging onto your phone, the current tree that is growing will die. For people who enjoy a little competition this would be great for you and your friends to see whos forest can get the largest. Forest even partners with the organization Trees for the Future and plants real trees around the world. Flora works just about the same but is a free version of the app. These apps are more then just helpful, because even the apps you’d least expect to distract you can be to say the least; distracting. ‘Even I get distracted on the weather app,” Maile says laughing. But, locking those distracting apps can be just what you need to get going.


Still not ready to get to work? No worries, just start small because as Maile puts it, “starting with the small things has been proven to keep you going on to the big things,” in other words, just prioritize your assignments. Get the simpler items on your list done first because each success you have will make you want to keep going. After getting home from school, “you need to have a time and a place to do your homework everyday, even Saturday and Sunday,” Maile says. By doing this, you will be prepared and ready to get everything done as soon as possible.


Consistency is key because, “it takes sixty days to make a habit but, it only takes two weeks to break one.” With that in mind, remember that for every person it’s different. Maybe you work better in a quiet space like the dining room table or your room, or you make more progress in a small coffee shop or library. For some, music can be helpful, or maybe it is more distracting than your phone itself. Find your routine and make a habit of it. Now for just one last piece of advice from Maile, “it’s not about how much progress you make. It’s about how much you finish.” You’ve got this, don’t let that ‘stupid box’ distract you anymore. Homework time anyone?

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