Advanced Acting and Advanced Drawing Draw Together!

Advanced Acting and Advanced Drawing Draw Together!

Mohss Elaine, Staff Writer

The Advanced Acting class has been collaborating with the Advanced drawing class over the last week and is currently close to finishing their projects. The Acting and Drawing classes have been working to commemorate the accomplishments of this year’s Advanced Acting and Advanced Drawing students. The Advanced Acting class had recently competed with other schools, all performing single acts of different plays. After the competition, the actors performed once more so the Advanced Drawing could draw them while they were in motion, stopping every now and then to let the artists get details from the scene.


Mrs. Ambroz teaches the Advanced Acting class, where they acted in parts to give the artists a muse. “We had just completed one act that we took to competition and got second place with. The act had a lot of interesting ensemble forms and movements, so it was really the perfect time to pair together. We collaborated for the opportunity to perform, and the drawing class brought it to a new level. The students said that the experience went really well.”


Mrs. Ambroz has been eager for theatre kids to collaborate with other classes, so having the art class be willing to collaborate was certainly a welcome surprise for the actors. The acting department was able to finish their modeling in only one day.


Ms. Foos was in charge of artistic development with her Advanced Drawing students. “What we did with the blocking, stopping the scene at certain points and letting the artists draw detailed pieces. We aren’t exactly sure how far along we’ll be to show the school, but the students are currently working on them. I want to start more exercises with this kind of team up. It was really fun and simple, I want to start bringing more classes into this kind of thing, and make more art pieces that way.”


   “I really think it’s pretty delightful for me to see how kids have gone from beginning drawing to be able to very quickly do an impromptu, which can be really intimidating. The growth and development are really prominent. I was really impressed with how willing and capable the acting kids were to do this kind of thing, and kind of bend their will to the art students.”


Self-expression is a large part of theatre and art, encompassing the way these artistic people think and feel. Often these classes give people an outlet for their emotions.They put extreme amounts of effort and concentration into their pieces, taking something otherwise plain, and making it their own artistic masterpiece. The effort these students put into their craft is shown through multiple mediums, through all styles of self-expression. Cooperation between different forms of art is extremely important to the art’s longevity, bring the best of both worlds to the table.


The cooperation between the two classes shows the duality of these talented students truly shows how adaptable and willing the students at Coronado are. The arts at Coronado are held in very high regard, and rightfully so! We hope to see more people go into the arts, and see more cooperative pieces from all sides of the school!