Student Study Tips

A Variety of Tips for Studying for Finals

Gracie Nowlan, Staff Writer

Finals are coming up faster than ever, and we all know that means that it’s probably time to study. But, where do you even begin the studying process? A couple of Coronado teachers have the inside scoop on studying for those dreaded finals so those tests can be less intimidating.


Mr. Muth and Mr. Kaufer gave us their tips and tricks when studying for finals. Right off the bat, Muth says that “waiting until the last second is the worst thing anybody can do.” He suggests that all students “study a little bit at a time every single day.” Just because you might not have homework in that particular class that day, “you should pull out the stuff and you should study every day, for short periods of time.” Muth blatantly points out that “it is hard to be successful if don’t do any work,” and “if you don’t study, you don’t do well.” So, although it is a little late to start studying according to Muth, a little bit of reviewing every day starting now is better than nothing.  


Mr. Kaufer recommends students to “first of all, [ask] their teacher what’s going to be on the exam so they know what to study and get a study guide from them.” In reality, “a lot of students study the material that is worthless and won’t be on the exam.” When studying, try not to waste time and instead use efficiency. It is important to learn good study habits now because Kaufer, “wishes [he] would’ve learned how to study in high school for when [he] got to college.” Studying for finals is extremely important mainly because “It is a good chance to review all the material from the semester even if it’s not going to be on the final. Just to look at everything you’ve learned.”


With these helpful tips, it is now time to start the process. In college, Mr. Muth, “took notes, rewrote [his] notes, re-went over lectures again, and read a ton. The reading part is probably the most important part and [Muth] thinks that that is the part that kids in high school don’t do a lot of, is reading.” Just simply “staying on top of your work,” will get you far when studying and throughout the years to come. Go over notes and study the way that best helps you remember the material depending on your learning style.  


Overall, just remember to try your very best and continue to work hard, because the summer is near. Good luck Cougars!