Staying Cool or Gettin Hot over Summer Break – Travel Destinations

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Staying Cool or Gettin Hot over Summer Break – Travel Destinations

Gabriel Maldonado, Staff Writer

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Summer break is approaching quickly, and soon many of us will go on vacation with friends and family. Some of us lament the warm weather and long for more snow. Some of us are excited to get on the beach and swim. Whether you want to stay cool, or get hot, there’s a vacation spot for you, your friends, and your family. Here’s six interesting hot and cold places that promise plenty of good times, whatever the temperature!


For those that like it cold –


Alaska – Alaska is renowned for its wildlife and breathtaking auroras. While you can’t view the auroras during the summer, you can see the Midnight Sun. During the summer in the northern half of Alaska, the sun rarely – or never – sets for long periods of time, often creating a long lasting twilight. Plenty of tour groups show the Midnight Sun on busses, vans, and airplane rides. Cruises showing the Kenai Fjords are also a good pastime for those wishing to see beautiful forests and rock formations. The average temperature is actually similar to temperatures in Colorado, with the average Alaskan temperature being between 60-80°F.


Canada – While southern Canada does provide more civilization, northern Canada provides comfortable, cool but not cold summers, perfect for outdoor activity. Yellowknife is one of the larger towns in NWT, though it only has about 40,000 people living within it. With its diverse population and charming old houseboats, it certainly has the frontier feel to it. It’s right near the Arctic Ocean, adding to that “edge of the world” feeling. Northern Canada also has plenty of picturesque roads for long car trips, with little to no traffic at times.


Iceland – Iceland, while pricey, can provide a cool experience like no other. The average high temperature is 50-55° during July, with the warmer days averaging 66-77°.  The Blue Lagoon, the Culture House in Reykjavik, and the Vatnajökull National Park are just a few of the main sights that should be seen on any travelers itinerary. Long days and music festivals are hallmarks of Iceland’s summer, making it the perfect season to go.


Breckenridge – For those that can’t afford to travel far, Breckenridge is a great, cool destination here in Colorado, with the average temperature in July only reaching 72°. You can also go to the newly opening Epic Discovery, promising ziplines, a challenge course, and climbing at the same resort used for skiing in the winter. Like learning how to ski or snowboard during the winter, you can learn mountain biking as well if a new sport is what you need.


For those that like it hot –


California – California is a popular state to go during the summer since it’s close and has a lot to see. Its average temperature is similar to Colorado, usually between 70-80°. There’s plenty to do throughout the entire state, whether it be the Redwood Forests in the north, or the beaches of San Diego in the south.


Puerto Rico – Going to Puerto Rico will help support the local economy, as well as provide many unique experiences. While parts of the island are still without power after the hurricanes that hit in late 2017, the larger towns and travel destinations have been cleaned. See El Morro, the famous fort above San Juan, boasting the oldest lighthouse on the island. Playa Flamenco in Culebra is regarded by many as the best beach in the Caribbean, with weekdays being the best to visit when the crowds are smaller. It’s a part of the United States, being a territory, but it still has a foreign charm unmatched by the states.


Mexico – Mexico is always an interesting trip, with several beautiful coastal towns being some of the best places to go for beaches and nightlife. Los Cabos is a perfect example, with clean, long beaches, beautiful hotels, and a farm to table scene. Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and Cozumel are just a few of the amazing beach towns that can excite in Mexico.


Great Sand Dunes in Colorado – Another local travel destination is the Great Sand Dunes National Park, providing a unique experience right in our own state. You can hike any of the thirty square mile dune park, since there are no trails in the sand, though you’ll want to go in the early morning or evening since the sand can get very hot. There are also some forest trails nearby if the sand isn’t your thing. You can also go sandboarding, which, come on, sounds awesome.


Whether you want to travel somewhere warm or cool, there is somewhere for you and your family to enjoy this summer.

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