Coronado’s Angels


Derek Hernandez, Staff Writer

Adjacent to Coronado High School lies a memorial to past Coronado teachers and students who have passed away known as the Holly Adams Park. Most students would recognize it as the place you wait during a fire drill or the place we walked through for science  one time. In actuality, within this park there are a plethora of plaques with names and pictures of those Coronado has lost, including Bob Hall, a former math teacher and assistant principal who sadly passed away from cancer 18 years ago. Walking through Holly Adams Park, you may notice most of the plaques are from many years ago. On this issue, Mr.Smith stated that “we really haven’t stopped doing it. We will still honor teachers and students who have passed away down there. We haven’t done anything lately, but that doesn’t mean we still won’t.”

Colorado Springs boy scout troops have gone through and cleaned the place up, building the bridge and many of the wooden fixtures, but that was nearly 2 years ago. Looking at the park today, it is very overrun with plant life and many of the plaques are vandalized or missing. To think that this memorial has been forgotten about would a simple assumption for anyone, but as Mr. Smith went down there himself, he expressed strong interest in cleaning the place up, going as far as saying, “I might even come in and weed wack a little this weekend”. Together, we took pictures of every plaque or name down there in order to find out more about the former students and teachers. The need for revitalizing in Holly Adams Park is necessary and will be a team effort, but I encourage Coronado faculty and students to take a walk to Holly Adams Park and honor Coronado’s angels.