Delve into Diversity!


Photo from Hewlett Foundation

Diversity includes every kind of person, including many represented at Coronado

Bekah Redinger, Co-Editor in Chief

An age of diversity impacts every area of society, not least a modern high school such as Coronado. Debates rage on across the country about the merits of diversity and what it can bring to a community, but many people are able to recognize that without diversity, life would be much more bland. In the words of legendary Brooklyn 99 character Raymond Holt, “Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place.”

As with anything that brings more perspectives and is “more interesting,” things are bound to get complicated. To help the students of Coronado recognize, appreciate, and hopefully understand the multi-faceted faces of our school, the Cougar Daily is creating a series focused on diversity in our school. Throughout the duration of the series, you can expect to see featured students of different identities and from different paths of life. If you know of a student that you believe to be an outstanding representation of one of many communities, let the Cougar Daily staff know – we’d love to feature them!