Cast Out of the Garden of…the Gods?


Derek Hernandez, Staff Writer

Garden of the Gods is one of the most popular tourist locations in Colorado Springs, along with being the biggest hang out spots for teenagers, especially from Coronado. Due to the beautiful view, fascinating rock formations, and seclusion from the rest of the world, a night drive through Garden of the Gods creates one of the most relaxing atmospheres , but that may all change.

Earlier this month Garden of the Gods announced they will be closing their gates at 10pm.

“Damages and happenings at night – the racing, the parties, the vandalism – which we were told is mostly from Coronado students, at Highpoint, parking lot 9,” were some of the many reasons given by Bret Tennis, the Operations Administer at Garden of the Gods. Kenneth also mentioned that they, “lost too many trees on the side of the road from the racing and oil spills”.

Students at Coronado are expected to be the most affected by these events due to their  frequent nighttime drives through Garden of the Gods.

Olivia Gillum, 11, and common Garden of the Gods visitor, says about the unfortunate news, “I think that it’s sad that people disrespected it and trashed it to the point of having to close it, but I suppose it’s for the best if that’s the case. Sucks people have to ruin it for the rest of us”.

It is not yet known if after hour visits will be available to the public again, but I encourage you to use this as a lesson to respect our environment and people within.