Freshmen Feelings

Freshmen Feelings

Tiandrea Rice, Staff Writer

High school has just begun and freshmen are getting settled in and finding their way around. Students are overwhelmed with school and everything else, like homework and class work. High school is way different compared to middle school. There are more kids in high school and more freedom than in middle school. That is a big step for freshmen getting used to an entirely new school and new people.

Veronica Wilson, 9, says that “I think middle school didn’t prepare me for high school and it was hard to find myself around the school.” This shows how most freshmen felt in the beginning of the year most freshmen confused and didn’t know where to go.

Thomas Shoemaker, 9, says “freshman year is like another year of school. You really just have to get to know the people and places.” This shows how freshmen have different feelings about high school.

Freshmen just need to get to know everyone and the classes, teachers, and new routine. High school is supposed to be exciting and a lot of work and freshmen need to be ready for it. Freshman year is overwhelming and it is the most looked at year that colleges look at because it show how freshmen reacted or took the change of a new school make the most of the year and the rest of high school.