Let’s Get Serious… Test Scores

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Let’s Get Serious… Test Scores

Evelyn Gillum, Staff Writer

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In previous years, Coronado has been known for the successes in our sports teams, choir, band, and many other areas. But as of last year, Coronado looks to be bringing another field to this ongoing tend of success: academics.

It seems as though all those late nights spent studying paid off. Of the 512 students at Coronado who took an AP test, 71.8% of those students passed, scoring a 3 or higher. Doherty follows closely behind Coronado, with 50.4% of the 739 students taking AP test passing with a 3 or higher. (Palmer with 108 students, 42.1% passing, and Mitchell with 43 students, 17.5% passing.) May I also mention that Coronado’s not only beating other D11 high schools but also the state average (63.3%) AND the global average (61.3%).

Not only are our AP test scores higher, but so are our SAT scores. Coronado averages with a score of 1029. And yet again, Doherty trails Coronado with an average 1017. Palmer falls just behind Doherty with an average of 1012, and lastly, Mitchell with an average of 874.

When asked about these astounding scores, Mr. Smith said, “The reason it’s important though is because most people view these test scores and all this as the way in which to evaluate a school. It’s important we do well because there’s many community members and people around the state, and even our school board– people in our school district– and people outside the school that only get to see that data. That’s their only clue as to if that school’s a good school. So, for me it’s important to do well because I want people to understand that we do a good job, even though it’s not quite the actual measurement.

“It makes students feel good, it makes teachers feel good. It creates this concept called collective efficacy where we all start to believe that we’re all pretty good and the research shows that that leads to actual success. When you think you’re good, you actually do good.”

We hope to succeed these number this year and continue this ongoing trend. Keep up the great work, Coronado!

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